La poda en un mundo antropocéntrico

Conciencia vegetal y agencia en un mundo antropocéntrico.


La poda es el trabajo más difícil de nuestro trabajo en el olivar. Siento como una amputación en cada una de las ramas que vuelven a la tierra. Cuchillas y caricias. La madre que devora a sus hijxs. Y viceversa.


«…How can we think, speak, and write about plant life without falling into human-nature dyads, or without tumbling into reductive theoretical notions about the always complex relations between cognition and action, identity and value, subject and object?

A full view of this shifting perspective requires a ‘stereoscopic’ lens through which to view plants, but also simultaneously to alter our human-centered viewpoint. Plants are no longer the passive object of contemplation, but are increasingly resembling ‘subjects,’ ‘stakeholders,’ or ‘actors.’ As such, the plant now makes unprecedented demands upon the nature of contemplation itself. Moreover, the aesthetic, political, and legal implications of new knowledge regarding plants’ ability to communicate, sense, and learn require intensive, cross-disciplinary investigation». Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World, Ed. P.Gibson & B.Brits

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